B is for Beautiful is for Bessy

Ever since I was knee high, my one wish was to have a dog. Yea, sure I had a few "adopted" ones. Duke, my aunt's dashchund. Blackie, my neighbour's mongrel. And a few strays here and there.

But my very own.

On February 17, I brought one home.

Her name is Bessy, and she is a female Rottweiler.

Bad luck soon followed. Or, as I choose to see it, a test of how much I really want and love a dog.

Bessy had a bad case of diarrhea. She would poop milkshake poop at least 6 times a day. Cleaning it was a bitch (pun!) and soon became a nightmare.

About a week after homecoming, Bessy began vomiting. I rushed her to the vet's, together with a (milkshake) stool sample.

Her stool sample tested positive for Coccidea (a parasite that attacks the intestine walls, causing diarrhea, vomiting and loss of appetite) and blood sample showed her positive for tick fever (which causes parasites to multiply and eat her red blood cells and platelets).

The vet's gave his prognosis, while shaking his head rather gravely: Guarded.

I held her tight as the vet took her blood for testing.

I held her tight as the kind doctor gave her jabs.

I held her tight as the nurse force-fed her tablets and hooked her up to an IV Drip.

I held her tight as I carried her to her "hospital bed" - a cage in the vet's hospital.

I told her I would gladly clean up all the poop she wishes to poop, as long as she gets better, stronger and happier. And let me bring her home.

I'm glad to say she has agreed to my request: She's getting better by the day.

See ya soon, Bessy!


Meme! Me!Me!: Episode 3

Like I told Nut, the first time I attempted to do this MeMe, I was in a foul mood. And most of my answers had the word "stupid" in it - either as a verb, noun, or adjective.

Today is the eve of a long holiday. So yes, I'm in a much nicer, friendlier mood. Heh.

This is the "Tag of Three", and Nut tagged me to do this MeMe a few weeks ago. Here goes:

Three things that scare me:

  1. Cockroaches
  2. Bratty Kids (I’m scared I will kill them)
  3. Poltergeist

Three people who make me laugh:

  1. Ricky Gervais
  2. Ben Stiller
  3. George Bush

Three things I love:

  1. Sleeping
  2. Travelling
  3. Reading

Three things I hate:

  1. Stupidity
  2. Selfishness
  3. Irresponsibility

Three things I don't understand:

  1. Stupidity
  2. Selfishness
  3. Irresponsibility

Three things on my desk:

  1. The Far Side 2007 Daily Calendar
  2. Tin of Quaker Oats
  3. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

Three things I'm doing right now:

  1. Waiting till 5pm so I can scoot off home
  2. Thinking about my almost-puppy
  3. Trying not to touch the pimple that’s beginning to sprout on my forehead

Three things I want to do before I die:

  1. Write for a travel magazine
  2. See my dad talk to my dog, affectionately
  3. Run a marathon (without dying at the finish line)

Three things I can do:

  1. Smile at people I detest, and make it look damn genuine (my PR face)
  2. Identify a person by hearing how he/she walks
  3. Make an almost-accurate guess on what time it is, or how much time has gone by, without looking at a watch

Three things you should listen to:

  1. Raindrops falling on your roof, while you are dozing off to sleep at night
  2. Leaves rustling
  3. Your gut feel (only if you are a woman)

Three things you should never listen to:

  1. Stupid people
  2. “Advice” from feng shui “masters”
  3. Boy bands

Three things I'd like to learn:

  1. How to make a few million with as little effort as possible
  2. How to perfectly pull apart a pair of those disposable chopsticks that come glued together
  3. How to tell a proper, believable lie, on the spot

Three favorite foods:

  1. Brown rice
  2. Broccoli
  3. Mushrooms

Three beverages I drink regularly:

  1. Water
  2. Nescafe Gold Blend
  3. Coke Light

Three TV shows/Books I watched/read as a kid:

  1. Jem, The Cosby Show, The Electric Company
  2. All Enid Blyton, Charlie Brown Encyclopedia, Peter and Jane

Ok, as soon as you're done laughing at my answers and have picked yourself up off the floor, read on and see if you're one of the 3 people I have to tag:

1. Think Tank

2. Jessica Fruit-Of-Eden Koh

3. Clare (myspace got blog, right? :D)

Hey, it's 5pm!


Snail Mail, Long Time No See

These days, the only things I get in the post are credit card bills, ASTRO bill, Streamyx bill, maybe a bank statement or two. And other miscellaneous junk mail.

Until last Friday.

Aiyee! A spongey envelope!

Not just a mail. But an almost-package! It was thick. It felt scrunchy. It had a BY AIR MAIL sticker on it. Yowza!

I ripped open the envelope.

Inside, there was a card.

Aiyee! A card!

Inside the card, there were CDs! And a handmade toy! A handmade toy with my name sewn on it.

Aiyee! A toy with my name sewn on it!

(I know, I very jakun. Long time haven't get so exciting a package already mar...)



CSI, Malaysian Style

My house was robbed a few days ago. On January 31st, to be exact.

No one was hurt (thank God). Nothing taken.

I was at work when it happened, and dashed home as soon as I found out.

When I arrived, there was a police car parked outside my house. Inside, 2 cops were talking to my parents about the incident, writing down the report. The usual formalities.

On the table were my almost-stolen laptop and PSP. Covered in a thick layer of black powder. A man in plain clothes and wearing a pair of latex gloves (Encik CSI, I rightly presumed) was hovering near the almost-stolen gadgets.

"What da hell is all this...," I asked (you could tell I was relieved my stuff weren't stolen).

"Don't touch! The man want to get finger prints," yelled my parents with some sense of importance. They had, after all, been the ones who stumbled upon the robber. They had returned home while he was busy rifling through my Dad's drawers. This was after he thoroughly, I mean thoroughly, ransacked my room and turned it into a natural disaster zone.

I sat down next to my parents, while my Dad finished rattling off some details:

"Ya, itu orang dia lari tau. I kejar dia lah. Then dia lompat itu pagar... tu... I buka pagar dan kejar dia lah. Tapi ah, dia ada motorbike so I tak dapat tangkap dia lah."

I was barely listening to my Dad. My attention was fixed on Encik CSI, who was gently tilting my laptop looking for prints. Encik CSI looked at the cops and gravely remarked, "Tak ada fingerprint lah. I ingat dia pakai glove... ya lah, dia pakai glove."

The 2 cops nodded solemnly at each other.

After a few more questions and some advice for us (one of which was to let my Dad know it's never a wise decision to run after a robber, especially for a man his age), the cops and Encik CSI left.

It was only later that day when I realized a really strange thing: No fingerprints? Not even mine?

Meanwhile, no thanks to the ultra-fine fingerprint powder, my white PSP has now beome a black PSP :(