I Can and I Will

For some inexplicable reason, I am obsessed with detoxing my colon and intestines. Don't ask me why.

I've been reading a few articles recently about colonic irrigation and gallbladder flushing. The amazing results from those pretty-convincing treatments got me quite psyched up. In fact, I was actually envisioning the stuff that might just get flushed out from said body parts.

Till I found out all those so-called detox programmes are a hoax. Needless to say, the revelation left me disappointed.

And then I bought this book.

What better way to detox than with some good old-fashioned, healthy eating. There are 57 1/2 recipes in this book. And I intend to try ALL of them. Yes, even the ones that have beetroots in their ingredient list.

Watch this space for progress.

No, no, no. I won't be waxing lyrical about any contents that get er, flushed out from my system.

I'll just post all smoothies/veggies/fruities that I whip up here for all to see!