Langkawi is Fun! (Who Knew?)

I was in Langkawi last week for a spontaneous (wow, I still have it!) holiday with some friends who are turning 30 this year.

The last time I stepped onto this island was when I was still in high school. I vaguely remember a stretch of long, dusty road, lots of coconut trees and locals travelling at the speed of tortoise on their kap chais.

Well, news flash! Nothing has changed.

Long, dusty roads. See, told you nothing has changed.

So, anyway. I blew my carbon footprints to hell by flying to KL, before flying to Langkawi. And looked forward to lazing my days away under the sun, while quenching my thirst with copious amounts of Duty Free beer.


The locals. Waaait a minute...

Wow, there is island-hopping?

Whoa, there is a cable-car ride with some Sky Bridge thing?

Holy crap, there is a Telaga Tujuh thing for people to walk up flights of stairs to see trickles of water posing as a waterfall?

Still, t'was fun. But I suspect it was more from the company than the attractions itself.

And no, contrary to popular belief, I managed to stay sober throughout the trip.