Meme! Me! Me!: I Owe Geek

I thankfully thought I had escaped having to do this meme. I mean, me? Doing a meme on beauty thingies?

Then Geek puppy-eyed me to do it. So ok lah. Since she puppy-eyed me.

What Five beauty products could you not live without?
Sunblock SPF 12 (any lower I'll get a heat rash, any higher will take longer tanning time)
Aloe Vera gel (helps keep the tan on longer)
Biotherm Aquafresh Moisturizer ("ah, finally a REAL beauty product", I hear Geek mutter as she rolls her eyes)
Are tweezers considered a beauty product?
Uh... what about dental floss?

What’s the worst beauty mistake you’ve made?
Not planning my tattoos properly. I want to get more tattoos on my back, but to avoid looking like a tattoo rojak, I now have to consider carefully the type of design that will complement the one I already have.

What’s your skincare regime consist of?
Morning: Wash face with cheap cleanser. Put moisturizer.
Night: Wash face with cheap cleanser. Put moisturizer.

Favourite Beauty treat?
Uh... does putting more moisturizer count?

What’s your favourite beauty store?
Guardian Pharmacy

Favourite Budget brand?
Dove - I'm currently using the facial wash (it came free with the body wash... heh)

Favourite Premium brands?
Biotherm, Clinique

And what about Skin Care: Favourite Premium and Budget brands?
Premium: Biotherm After Sun moisturizer
Budget: Nivea Intensive Moisturizing Milk

And Hair Care?
Sunsilk for Long and Strong Hair!

What’s your ’every girl must own one’ item?
A compact mirror. For veg stuck between front teeth, snot in nose... that kind of thing.

And finally, best beauty tip?
Aloe Vera gel helps your tan to last longer, with no peeling skin. Really!

Wow, that took longer than I thought.

And now the fun part. I tag the vainpots I know:


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