A Lil Bit of Bessy

The past few weeks in the office have been madness. Piles and piles of work. Non-stop phone calls. Late, late nights. I felt as if I was being pulled in 10 different directions - all at the same time.

Needless to say, I had very little time to spend with poor Bessy.

Bessy says goodbye this way every time I leave home for the office.

So last week, I had a brainwave. Bring Bessy to work! Which was exactly what I did.

After a particularly late production meeting at 8.30pm, I swung by home on the way back to the office. I took Bessy for a walk to let her empty her bladder and intestines (or wherever poop hangs out in the body).

I packed her bone, and her emergency poop kit - old newspapers, bleach in a spray can, kitchen towels and Fabreeze. And then we were ready to go to work!

I had to park in the Basement car park of my office block to avoid the guards, who prowl the Ground Floor, from taking pot shots at Bessy. I smuggled her from the elevator and into my office without any problems.

Bessy under my table

Once in my office cubicle, I tied Bessy's leash to my chair, and she settled down quietly. Until word got out that "There's A Dog In The Office". Bessy received an unprecedented number of visitors - and she entertained them by going into hyper mode (pulling at leash, nearly choking herself with leash, jumping up and almost knocking glass jars over) at the sight of the many faces to lick.

Fortunately for me, everyone realized that I wouldn't be able to get any work done while they were lingering around and fueling Bessy's excitement. So they dispersed. (See, dog lovers are smart people.)

Bored Bessy

Bessy soon settled down again. She looked around curiously and saw a grubby looking pig cushion on my partner's chair. "grrr.... WRUUUFF!" I hushed her and pulled her under my table.

Am glad to say that apart from the above mentioned incidences, I worked efficiently (really!) while Bessy lay quietly chewing her nylon bone. With the occasional "thunk clunk" of the heavy bone hitting the wooden floor of my cubicle.

And. Bessy didn't even pee or poop! Not one drop! (Euw!)

Super bored Bessy

I think Bessy has proved that she is a Bringable-To-Work-Dog.