This Week On "I've Been Had"

Ewe've been had.

Gosh, I love puns. Hee.

The latest hoax to hit rich (and stupid) Japanese women comes courtesy of an online company, 'Poodles As Pets'. Their instant-million scam was selling lambs disguised as miniature poodles. Seriously.

A Japanese movie star, Maiko Kawakami, has been left looking sheepish (hee!) after she was told a miniature poodle she had bought online was actually a lamb. The movie star complained on a talk show that her new poodle refused to bark or eat dog food. She showed a photo and was devastated when told it was actually a lamb.

And it appears she is not the only rich Japanese woman to have the wool (double hee!) pulled over her eyes. Hundreds of dog loving women then contacted police to say they had also been sold the young sheep instead of pedigree poodles.

The police believe up to 2,000 women were fleeced (triple hee!) in Sapparo, Japan. One customer only discovered the hoax after a dog beautician said she could not clip the poodle's claws - because they were hooves.

The price for the lamb in poodle clothings? £630.

'Poodles As Pets' has since shut down.

But hats off to those guys. As if the idea of selling fake poodles wasn't wild enough. They actually found a market!

Now, I only need to find enough rich, stupid people to sell some Gourmet Fertilizer to.