Not Kiasu Enough

Nut and I heard from Geek about Starbuck's 2nd Annual Coffee Break Day, on March 15th (that's today). This day means a free Tall (12-ounce) cup of coffee to anyone who drops by Starbucks Coffee between 10am - 12pm.

Being the kiasu people we are, we schemed to be at the nearest Starbucks outlet (at the Giant Hypermarket in Kelana Jaya) at 9.45am today. That gave us enough time to walk around Giant, so we don't look too hard up for a free cuppa joe.

At 10am, Nut and I went up the Starbucks counter. And then, paiseh-ness kicked in.

Me: "How ah? We just ask for the free coffee ah?"
Nut: "Erm... ya loh. I was thinking the same thing. A bit not nice hor."
Me: "Maybe we buy the cheapest cake they have?"
Nut: "Ya ya... ok, I will have the citrus poppy seed muffin."
Me: "Shit... that's the cheapest and nicest looking thing there. Ok, I'll have the same."

In conclusion, Nut and I have agreed that we are the kind of people who will never get rich.

Not kiasu enough. Not thick-skinned enough. Not mean enough.

How like that?