Update: Bessy Is Home!

I brought Bessy home today. Vet said she is doing Very Well and Eating Like A Horse. She is very alert and active - a far cry from her weak state pre-treatment. Her blood test results show a marked improvement from her first test, although still below minimum levels.

Her poop isn't milkshake anymore. It's nice and formed, although on the black side because of the internal bleeding in her intestines, caused by the parasite.

I will have to take her back for continual blood tests. But it's such a relieve to have her home.

Fed her rice with special canned meat, and she gobbled it all up greedily. Yay.

She pooped nice, formed poop after her meal. Yay.

Took her out to play, and she ran around my garden like a greyhound. Yay.

Played "Fetch" with her and she ended up ripping a hole in my pants. Not-So-Yay.

Thanks Nut! For going with me to bring her home, and risking your hand being bitten by her.

Thanks Clare! For recommending me Dr Lim and Dr Prem and the Brickfields Vet. I can't think of any other people I will take Bessy to, anymore.

Thanks Jess! For giving ideas on how to get back on Mr Don't-Give-A-Shit Siva.

Thanks Geek! For always asking about her and giving me moral support. Bessy is waiting for you to visit her here so she can shake your hand and thank you too. (Mental note: Must teach Bessy to shake hands.)

Thanks Puiyan! For thinking about her, even though you are so many miles away. Bessy will shake paws with you next time you come back. Hopefully, she will know how to by then.

Thanks Lucy! For your thoughts. Bessy is thinking about you, too. Yes, even when she is peeing.

Bessy is so lucky and blessed to have so many people thinking about her, asking about her and praying for her.

Thank you everyone. You have no idea how much your support meant to me.