CSI, Malaysian Style

My house was robbed a few days ago. On January 31st, to be exact.

No one was hurt (thank God). Nothing taken.

I was at work when it happened, and dashed home as soon as I found out.

When I arrived, there was a police car parked outside my house. Inside, 2 cops were talking to my parents about the incident, writing down the report. The usual formalities.

On the table were my almost-stolen laptop and PSP. Covered in a thick layer of black powder. A man in plain clothes and wearing a pair of latex gloves (Encik CSI, I rightly presumed) was hovering near the almost-stolen gadgets.

"What da hell is all this...," I asked (you could tell I was relieved my stuff weren't stolen).

"Don't touch! The man want to get finger prints," yelled my parents with some sense of importance. They had, after all, been the ones who stumbled upon the robber. They had returned home while he was busy rifling through my Dad's drawers. This was after he thoroughly, I mean thoroughly, ransacked my room and turned it into a natural disaster zone.

I sat down next to my parents, while my Dad finished rattling off some details:

"Ya, itu orang dia lari tau. I kejar dia lah. Then dia lompat itu pagar... tu... I buka pagar dan kejar dia lah. Tapi ah, dia ada motorbike so I tak dapat tangkap dia lah."

I was barely listening to my Dad. My attention was fixed on Encik CSI, who was gently tilting my laptop looking for prints. Encik CSI looked at the cops and gravely remarked, "Tak ada fingerprint lah. I ingat dia pakai glove... ya lah, dia pakai glove."

The 2 cops nodded solemnly at each other.

After a few more questions and some advice for us (one of which was to let my Dad know it's never a wise decision to run after a robber, especially for a man his age), the cops and Encik CSI left.

It was only later that day when I realized a really strange thing: No fingerprints? Not even mine?

Meanwhile, no thanks to the ultra-fine fingerprint powder, my white PSP has now beome a black PSP :(