2 Nights of Partying, 1 Observation

Yes, you read right. TWO nights of partying. Within 2 weekends. In a row.

A personal record for me. I usually stay away from these places because they’re too expensive, too far away, I’m too old. And I usually end up drinking far more than I should.

True enough, both nights left my wallet decidedly emptier. But I also picked up a rather interesting observation.

Night 1: Hen Night at Chyna Bar, Asian Heritage Row
Apparently, the place where the “beautiful people of KL” hang out. I must have greatly disturbed that exquisite balance when I went there that night.

We were really only there because we didn’t know we had to reserve a table at the other joints at the Row (bar side also must reserve ok?!).

Being a huge fan of People Watching, I unashamedly scrutinized the people around me. (Not that beautiful also?) As in most trendy bars, most of the girls were dressed to kill (each other, I can only presume). They stood all well groomed by their tables, with immaculate makeup, perfect hair, and in beautiful dresses. And that’s how most of them remained the whole night.

Or for as long as I observed in my sober state.

Night 2: Post Wedding Dinner Party at Hard Rock Café, KL
In all honesty, this place now looks like a popular hangout for SPGs. Lots of old gwai lohs, and other old men of miscellaneous types.

The girls? Mostly in jeans and casual tops. And all having the time of their lives. No “oh look at me” self-consciousness about them. No “are my false eyelashes still on?” look of fear on their faces. Nor any “can anyone see my Chloe bag under this dim light” type glances.

Good fun, great music and a comfortable crowd.

So if I were to go out partying again, where would I go? Definitely somewhere on Asian Heritage Row or some other pretentious place lah, of course. The guys there cuter.


Us with "Let's-Go-For-Claypot-Loh-Shee-Fan-Now" look on our faces.

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