MNS Belum-Temengor Campaign 2006

This forest has been around for over 130 million years, making it older than the Amazon or the Congo. It holds such a vast number of flora and fauna that every scientific exploration means the discovery of a new species.

Yet, the Belum-Temengor Forest is facing threat from, who else but, man. One little corner of the forest has been reserved as the Royal Belum Park. Although reserved, it has yet to be gazetted. And this Park is just a fragment of the entire forest - 117, 800 hectares compared to the total area of 300, 000 hectares.

Please, please help save this forest.

The MNS Belum-Temengor Campaign aims to do the following:
  1. Gazettement of the Royal Belum State Park
  2. Extension of the Royal Belum State Park to include the Temengor Forest Reserve
  3. Protection of a stretch of natural forest flanking the East-West highway from conversion to plantation
And here's how you can help:
  • MNS is distributing postcards addressed to the YAB Menteri Besar of Perak and the YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia for the public to sign. This set of postcards conveys your concern and support to save our natural heritage to these 2 very important decision makers. Just pen down your signature and some simple details about you and send them to the MNS HQ on the prepaid envelopes that are provided.
  • Buy a Candle of Conscience from The Body Shop outlets throughout Peninsular Malaysia. Choose the candle with the MNS logo; the contribution will come straight to the campaign.
  • Sign on the online signature form to support MNS’ call to stop all logging activities in Belum-Temengor and to protect this forest complex.
  • Write letters to the Malaysian dailies urging the Federal and State Government to take immediate action and to stop all logging activities in the Belum-Temengor Forest Complex.
  • Donate to the Malaysian Nature Society (please direct all donations to the MNS Belum-Temengor Campaign 2006).
  • Look out for events that promote this campaign and join them. Your presence will make a big difference to the campaign.
Visit the Malaysian Nature Society website for more details on this campaign.

If you would like a stack of postcards, let me know. I'll get them for you.

Your voice, even if it's just a little peep, CAN make a difference.