The Coolest Mural In The World

While wandering though the streets of Madrid, with nose firmly stuck in Lonely Planet, I heard ThinkTank exclaim, "Check out that mural!"

I looked up. What mural? She's nuts.

And then realised the side facade of the building, which I thought was real, was actually a mural. It was painted in accurate perspective to look like the side of the building. Its facade was painted the same red brick wall, tall windows and wrought-iron rails. There were even delicately painted plants on a few mural verandas.

Spectacularly lifelike.

The only thing that betrayed it was the ugly grafitti some vandal monkeys sprayed at the bottom of the mural.

If it weren't for that, this amazing mural would have gone by unnoticed. So real was the effect.

In fact, I might even have waved at the old man, standing on his verenda, leaning against the rail.

It would have made me look real stupid, of course. But definitely a compliment to the artist.

How do you say, "Wayyyy cool mural!" in Spanish?