Case Proven: Dogs ARE Intelligent

Awhile back, I read a really funny story about a dog in Battersea Dogs Home in the UK. More than just a funny story, actually. Shows how intelligent dogs are. Here’s how the story goes:

The staff at Battersea Dogs Home were baffled when, for several mornings in a row, they arrived at work to find several dogs frolicking in the kitchen amongst upturned jars of dog biscuits and spilt food.

Determined to find the culprit, a video surveillance system was set up. The next morning, there was again the doggie chaos and havoc in the kitchen. And boy, did the staff get a surprise when they viewed the video from the surveillance.

The video showed a lone figure of a dog, Red the lurcher, sliding back the steel bolt of his cage, tugging open the cell-like door and slipping out.

Red in action, having games and a good time with his pals... and getting caught.

Even more astonishing was the sight of him then moving swiftly from kennel to kennel performing the same trick to free other dogs. And not just other dogs, but his choice of preferred canine companions for an illicit midnight feast. A yappy Jack Russell is left to linger in solitary confinement, for instance, while Red's brother, Lucky, is the first to be let out.

The canine Houdini himself.

After this incident was broadcasted on national news, Red received over 400 requests from new owners clamouring to give him a home. But the staff are scrutinizing the applications carefully to choose the best owner. Meanwhile, Red remains in Battersea Dogs Home. In a cell that is double locked behind him. Just in case.

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