Lessons From a Doggie Party

3 happy doggies, originally uploaded by yue-li.

Once upon a time, there were 3 dogs: Sunshine, Midnight and Adam.

3 different coloured dogs. Of different sizes. Of different genders. With different intensity of tail wagging. One even came from the dog pound.

Yet, they got along real well.

Adam, being the smallest, was kept in the cage at first. You see, the 2 big ones might pounce on him and hurt him.

Or so we humans thought.

When said humans eventually let Adam out, we all saw how gentle Sunshine and Midnight were with little Adam.

And we all saw how well the 3 dogs got along.

Regardless of colour, size, gender, level of tail wagging or whether they come from a dog pound.

After this profound moment, we humans continued with our more important role in the circle of life – by gobbling up the party grub of curry chicken, mee hoon, fried chicken and fruits.

Yes, survival and enjoying life more important. You think what?