As I Grow Older

I find myself:
  • Being kiamsiap and questioning the Tesco cashier why the price I had to pay for my Coke Light was 12 sen more than the price on the display shelf. (All this while holding up the line at the checkout counter.)
  • Using more moisturiser.
  • Flipping past articles like "How To Tell If Your Best Friend Is Lying" and stopping at articles like "Are You Organizing Your Time Properly?"
  • Saying things like "Be patient young boy" to the little kid who tried to push past me and run to grab seats while lining up to board an Air Asia flight.
  • Leaving my car keys in my car, with the car doors locked.
  • Searching longer through "Bargain Bins".
  • Tsk-tsking when I see young girls wearing skirts that skim their ass.
  • Taking my time to read fine print.
  • Sighing about the "Good Old Days".
  • Being philosophical about growing old.
Happy 2007!