Snail Mail, Long Time No See

These days, the only things I get in the post are credit card bills, ASTRO bill, Streamyx bill, maybe a bank statement or two. And other miscellaneous junk mail.

Until last Friday.

Aiyee! A spongey envelope!

Not just a mail. But an almost-package! It was thick. It felt scrunchy. It had a BY AIR MAIL sticker on it. Yowza!

I ripped open the envelope.

Inside, there was a card.

Aiyee! A card!

Inside the card, there were CDs! And a handmade toy! A handmade toy with my name sewn on it.

Aiyee! A toy with my name sewn on it!

(I know, I very jakun. Long time haven't get so exciting a package already mar...)