Weekend Dog Bloggin #76

Inspired by MowPea, here is a MeMe titled Me Doggie for this week's Weekend Dog Blogging, hosted by Cate of Sweetnicks!

Date of Birth:
18 December 2006

Black and tan Rottweiler

Favourite food:
Anything that can be swallowed, including grass, pebbles, and flowers.

Favourite Activity :

Eating grass, pebbles, and flowers, and playing fetch.

Favourite Toys:
Twirly rope toy and my old jacket.

Favourite annoying yet cute habit:
Thinking she is safely hidden under the car, but she never goes far in enough - so her legs are sticking well out for the whole world to see, and for me to drag her out with.

Sleeps in:
Her crate.

Barks when:
The neighbour's dog barks, she has just pooped.

Likes being:
Tickled on her tummy.


When meeting people, likes to:

Do a little nervous peeing, then run up to you and lick your nose.

Often seen:
Sleeping on her back, with legs up in the air.

Knows how to:
Sit, shake, down and come when called.

Fancies having as a boyfriend:
She hasn't met any other dogs, so no potential boyfriends. Yet.

Has travelled to:
Brickfields Veterinary Clinic

Scared of:
Loud noises like car alarms, still gets a little scared of men.

And now, Bessy would like to tag:
  1. Mandy
  2. Sunshine
  3. Winston
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