Weekend Dog Blogging #75

Since Bessy went through the trauma of getting terribly sick and enduring days of jabs and IV Drips, I have decided to give her her 5 minutes.

"Woof woof wruff wruff woof woof"
Translation: The bald patch on my front right leg is where the vet shaved off my fur to put in the IV tube.

This is Bessy, my Rottweiler puppy. She is 10-weeks old. I brought her home when she was 8-weeks, and within a week, she was admitted to the vet's for being very, very sick. Detailed report of her sickness can be read here.

Brought her home from the vet's a couple of days ago, and am glad to report that she is doing A-OK!

She has recently learnt to "Shake Paws", but for some reason she shakes with her left paw. My dad taught her. I think he wasn't too fussy about which paw she brought up to shake paws with him.

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