A Contract On Their Furry Heads

Lucky and Flo, 2 black Labrador Retrievers (Midnight and Jeff Boy!), are trained pirated disc sniffers. Their noses are sensitive to polycarbonate, one of the main ingredients in the manufacture of the discs.

Their recent major bust was a RM10million pirated disc discovery in Johor Bahru. I'm sure most of these DVDs are probably being circulated among the authorities, but that's another story.


As everyone knows, the local pirated disc industry is run by syndicate gangsters. And now, syndicate bosses have offered an "undisclosed amount" to have Lucky and Flo eliminated.

Apparently, Lucky and Flo aren't the only dogs to have attracted a bounty. In 2004, a drug cartel in Colombia placed a US$10,000 price on the head of a golden Labrador Retriever named Agata, one of Colombia’s best drug-sniffing dogs.

Lucky and Flo are now being shuttled from safe house to safe house, in efforts to protect them. They are only here in Malaysia for a month-long working trip, and will be going home to Belfast after.

Poor doggies.

I guess I should be thankful the only things my dog knows how to do are to poop and pee. Both of which she's not very good at, either.