How To Kill A Baby

Ok, I plagiarized a headline. So shoot me.

Or shoot this baby polar bear. With a lethal injection, no less. That's what animal rights activists are currently campaigning for.

His name is Knut, and he is currently being nursed at the Berlin Zoo after being abandoned by his mother. After his bottle-feeding, he is apparently getting lots of cuddles.

Animal activists are arguing that being a predator, it is highly inappropriate for a polar bear to be snuggled and cuddled, then turned out into the wild when he is an adult to fend for himself. The most humane thing to do would be to put it to sleep. And to keep Knut in the zoo all his life? That is a "gross violation of animal protection laws."

The Berlin Zoo's chief vet, on the other hand, argues that by keeping Knut at the Berlin Zoo, the baby might just grow up to be a stud bear to increase the population of polar bears, who are under threat of extinction.

In situations like these, I feel animal activists do get a little extreme.

I choose "Life".

Isn't that the whole point of animal rights?