Weekend Dog Blogging #77

Today marks Bessy's 1-month anniversary at her new home, with me.

Here are some key highlights of our first month together:

Week One
Bessy has diarrhea everyday. Every. Single. Day.
She ends her first week with severe vomiting, and an emergency trip to the vet's.
She also scores a "hospital" stay at the vet's.

Week Two
I drive (like mad) through lunchtime traffic from Kelana Jaya to the vet's at Brickfields, to visit Bessy.
Despite a lampshade collar, Bessy still manages to bite off the IV tube attached to her front leg. The vet isn't amused.

Week Three
Cautious days!
I anxiously examine the condition and texture of Bessy's poop, everyday.
She gradually descends to new levels of stinkiness - no baths for her as she is still sick.

Week Four
Happy days!
Bessy turns 3-months old.
She gets a bath.
She gets her 2nd vaccination.
Everyone is happy.

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