Meme! Me! Me! : Episode 4

I've been tagged by Think Tank.

9 parts of me? Wow, I've always thought I only had 8.34 parts.

Part 1: on the outside
name : Gan Yue-Li (yes, there really is a hyphen in my name)
date of birth : 28 March 1977
current status : Happily single
eye color : Dark brown
hair color : Brown ends, black roots
right of left handed : Right
zodiac : Aries

Part 2: on the inside
my heritage : Uh, Malaysian?
my fear : Cockroaches
my weakness : Coke Light
my perfect pizza : Thin crust, with broccoli and brown rice topping (What?!)

Part 3: yesterday, today & tomorrow
your first thought waking up : I get to sleep in cos I worked till 4.30am last night
tomorrow : Yay, another day nearer to the weekend
your bedtime : So far away
most missed memory : Waking up at 5am with my grandma when I was about 5-years old, and going with her to the padang near my house and watching her do tai chi

Part 4: your pick
pepsi or coke : Coke Light!
mcD or burger king : Macs the one with delivery rules!)
single or group dates : ish
adidas or nike : Adidas
lipton tea or nestea : Lipton
chocolate or vanila : Vanilla
cappuccino or coffee : Both

Part 5: do you..
smoke : No
curse : You bet your %#!! I do

Part 6: in the past month
drank alcohol : Yes
gone to the mail? : Does DHL count?
been on stage : No
eaten sushi : Yes.... yuuum.... sushiiii

Part 7: what were you doing
1 minute ago : Doing this meme
1 hour ago : Making coffee
4 1/2 hours ago : Being rudely woken up from much needed sleep by servicing who thinks the whole world revolves around their account
1 month ago :Wrapping up Fruit Of Eden's birthday present!
1 year ago : Bumming around and leeching off my sister at her place in Norwich

Part 8: finish the sentence
i love : Sleeping by the beach
i feel : A bit dazed and blur from lack of sleep
i hate : Being depended upon by stupid AND spineless people
i hide : My cereal from my Dad who is as much a cereal monster as I am
i miss : Sleeping in (I have been waking up every morning at 6.30am for 2 months to feed my dog)
i need : To be more nasty and mean

Part 9: tag five people
Mowpea (and this means about YOU clare, not Mow or Pea)
Ooj (who's probably too diver-cool to do memes)
Fruit of Eden (sorry, another tag.. haha!)
Wandernut (even though you have already been tagged)
The Box (yoohoo? where are youuuu?)

Ah Geek, I didn't tag you so that Nut can ;p