Weekend Dog Blogging #81

Busy days. Yes, even too busy to blog about Bessy, I'm ashamed to say.

I recently did this little compilation of photos I took of Bessy when she was 8, 10, 11 and 12-weeks old. With the most recent being her age today, 16-weeks old. This was really for my sister in the UK, who has never met Bessy and wanted to see how much she has grown in 2 months.

The pics are also for Geek, who has yet to come to KL to shake hands/paws with Bessy (*hint hint!).

Bessy attended her very first Puppy Training Class today. She wasn't the best student in the class. In fact, she was the naughtiest. I wasn't amused, but the rest of the doggie owners were when she:
  • Pooped during one of the heeling routines.
  • Decided to exert her authority by firmly holding the leash in her mouth while we walked, as if to say "I'm walking YOU".
  • Jumped up numerous times to bite my jeans while we walked.
  • Tried to steal another dog's treat.
Still, it's only her first class. 9 more to go. So there should be progress by then.

I hope.

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