Bessy Has Friends!

Enough of being growled at by Grumpy Uncle Spitz, Fierce Blackie, Snarling Corgie and Aggressive Auntie Poodle in our neighbourhood. Bessy has finally made a few furry pals of her own!

First pal is Shy Uncle Winston. Bessy loves annoying him with her paw, and running circles around him till he gets fed up and WRUFFS at her to go away. Which she does. For about 5 seconds. And then she's back for more.

Next pal is Pretty Sunshine Che Che. Bessy loves her lots. But Sunshine isn't too fond of Bessy always trying to lick her pretty face and biting her tail. Sunshine has tried telling Bessy to cool it, but that doesn't seem to have deterred Bessy from following Sunshine everywhere.

In Bessy's Puppy Class, she's firm friends with Lovely Luna. When they first met, Luna was really apprehensive of Bessy pawing her face. But now, they love boxing and jumping on each other.

Bessy also has another Puppy Class pal - Chubby Scruffy. Poor Scruffy was told to lose weight, which she did over the few weeks. We think Scruffy has dropped out of Puppy Class 'cause she hasn't turned up for the past 4 classes.

In addition to all her new chums, Bessy has also sniffed the noses and behinds of numerous other dogs in Pet Safari.

But she would dearly love to sniff the noses and behinds of Mow, Pea and Mandy. So, when ah?