Meet: Jihadi Mouse

He's the extreme version of Mickey Mouse. And his name is even singable to the tune of M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e.

Jihadi Mouse made his debut on Palestinian TV last month, and he calls on children to help Muslims become the “masters of the world” and "violently resist Israel".

And Jihadi has a young, female assistant named Saraa.

In one programme, transcribed by the Middle East Media Research Institute, Saraa asks a young viewer by telephone how she would “sacrifice her soul for the sake of al-Aqsa” mosque in Jerusalem. “I will shoot,” says the young viewer, “we will annihilate the Jews... I will commit martyrdom.”

In another clip, which has appeared on YouTube, a viewer speaking to Jihadi Mouse by telephone recites a poem referencing an AK47 assault rifle. As the poem is read out, Jihadi Mouse pretends to shoot a rifle.

And Jihadi's idea of 'happily ever after'? To become “masters of the world”, which requires all children to be happy with Arabic, which “once upon a time ruled this world”.

I wonder if there will be a Jihadi Mouse Club with their version of young Britney, Justin and Christina dancing to poems of AK47 and suicide bombings. Worse, I can imagine their version of Jihadiland.

What is this world coming to?