A Life Among Whales, by Roger Payne

A Life Among Whales has to be one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. It chronicles the quest of whale biologist, Dr Roger Payne, who spent a lifetime in his efforts to conserve whales.

Dr Payne, by the way, is the man who introduced the "songs of the whales" to the world.

In 1971, he upped his whole family (wife and 3 kids) to the coast of Argentina. And at night, sleeping in army tents pitched a few yards from the cliff, the Payne family would hear the snore of southern right whales who had migrated there to mate.

Some key highlights of "A Life Among Whales":
  • Watching the biggest joke in the Whale Conservation movement, where giant whaling tankers are slaughtering whales "in the name of science"
  • Hearing Dr Payne speak about the majesty and grace of whales
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