Bessy Passes Basic Obedience Exam!

Every Saturday and Sunday for the past 5 weeks, Bessy and I have diligently been attending Puppy Basic Obedience Classes in Pet Safari, Ikano. Besides the twice weekly classes, we've also been having 10-minute training sessions at home every night. Our homework, so to speak.

Bessy and Luna nervously await their turn on Exam Day.

Bessy has learnt to "Heel", "Sit Stay", "Down Stay", "Stand Stay", "Wait" and "Recall".

Bessy waits with the other doggies for the results.

Her Bad:
As the youngest in her entire class, Bessy's "Heel" is really, really bad. She is a certified busybody, and feels it is her responsibility to sniff out anyone and anything. Worse, she makes it a point to poop during the "Heel" routine in every class. Every. Class.

Her Good:
Bessy's "Stay" and "Wait" is surprisingly very, very good.

Luna passes!

Out of a maximum score of 60, Bessy scored 45. Even though she pooped during her "Heeling" exam.

Once past the naughty, cheeky, rebellious and headstrong furry exterior, deep inside there's a good little girl who tries her best to make the people she loves happy.

I mean Bessy, you meanies!