My Neighbours: Part 1

Taking Bessy out on morning walks every day has elevated (or downgraded, however you choose to see it) me to Aunty levels of kepoh-ness. I know a bit more about my neighbours than I used to, sans dog.

Today, I will tell you about my neighbours who have done a good deed to the tummies of many Malaysians - my hawker neighbours.

Just as I am leading Bessy out from my house at approximately 6.45am, a man and his daughter are loading their car with trays of eggs. They stay a few doors away from my home. Now this is no ordinary man. He is none other than Robert, the semi-famous char kuay teow man who has a stall in what used to be Chow Yang kopitiam.

A few doors away from Robert's house is a corner lot undergoing massive renovation. One morning (yes, during one of Bessy's walks), the new owners were surveying its progress. And I recognised the pot-bellied man at once - the owner of Sun Hin Loong kopitiam.

In my next episode of neighbours, I shall share with you the mental case weirdos.

Till then!