Vain Pot

Ok, been tagged by Geek again. (My blog content seems to be made up entirely of tags.)

Not just another tag. It's another Beauty Tag.

I've always been rather skeptical about quizzes of this nature. I mean, What's Your Jellybean Personality? What Ice Cream Flavour Are You?

But this one. This one is real. It speaks the truth. Behold, my Vain-O-Metre results:

You Are 11% Vain

You don't have a vain bone in your body - almost as a matter of principal.
You demand to be judged on who you are, not what you look like.

Accurate results aside, the girl in the picture even looks like me! Heck, I sit like that in the office!

The questions went like this:

1. You check out your reflection in windows.
Sometimes. To see if I look presentable. Or if there's snot in my nose. Or veg in my front teeth.

2. Your closet is chock full of the latest styles, even if your credit card suffers for it a little.
Never. My credit card suffers from other things called bills.

3. You buy tons of personal care products, from expensive moisturizers to specialty shampoo.
Rarely. Actually, come to think of it, my Biotherm face moisturizer was a gift. And I don't really have any other expensive personal care product... hmmm...

4. You dream of being a movie star or model.
Never. Be a bimbo floozy entertainer? No thanks.

5. If you started to lose your looks, your self esteem would likely suffer.
Rarely. Sure, I have my down days. But it brightens up when I smell coffee. Or when I see Bessy. Or when I think about my next holiday destination. Or when I go to the gym. You get the idea.

6. If you weren’t happy with your looks in some way, you would consider cosmetic surgery.
Never. I can think of other better ways to spend all that moolah. Like a beach holiday. Or surf lessons.

7. You wear designer underwear.
Never. I don't even own designer goods. Not even a keychain.

8. Besides showering, it takes you at least 20 minutes to get dressed and primped for the day.
Never. Jeans and a top don't take too long to slap together.

9. You enjoy getting your picture taken.
Sometimes. I have a signature camera pose - shock horror expression. That's fun!

10. If you see someone of your gender who is hot, you immediately start silently critiquing them.
Rarely. The only thing I would "critique" would be the size of her brain. Ok, ok. I'm stereotyping. So sue me.