Kiasu Backfire

I blogged this here. But depression has led me to repeat the post for further wallowing.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. After waiting for 2 years, this book was the Book Highlight of my year.

When an ex-colleague asked if we (Nut and I) were interested to pre-order the book from Kinokuniya, we jumped at the offer. Our kiasu instincts went into overdrive. 30% off, RM30 savings! Someone to pick up the book for us! No need to jostle with screaming, crazed 12-year olds!

And then it was the eve of the book release.

I opened the newspaper and saw hypermarkets advertising the book at RM69.90. That was a whole RM7 less than what we were going to have to pay, even with our nifty 30% pre-order discount. RM7!

This was against every kiasu rule we knew (not that we know much). Same product, lower price. There was only one thing to do: we cancelled our pre-order. And rubbed our hands and wallets with glee.

And then it was the day of the book release.

Newspapers reported about major bookshop chains pulling the books off their shelves in protest to the "deeply discounted prices" the hypermarkets were offering. Meanwhile, the hypermarkets sold out all their books by 11am that day.

So where does that leave us? No discount. No Harry Potter Book 7. No place to buy the book from.

Don't say it. Just don't.