7 Stages of Happiness / Drunken Stupor

Stage 1: Shock and Denial
One whole bottle? By myself? After 2 beers?
One whole bottle! By myself! After 2 beers!

Stage 2: Pain and Guilt
Oh, the throbbing head. Oh, the empty calories.

Stage 3: Anger and Bargaining
Damn you, my wonderful friends, for presenting me with a lovely, expensive delicious bottle of white wine.

Why? WHY?

Stage 4: Depression, Reflection, Loneliness
Turn your heads away. Leave me alone to burp in peace!

Stage 5: The Upward Turn
Oh, is that an extra bottle of Hoegaarden I see?

Stage 6: Reconstruction and Working Through
Ok, time to drink plenty of water to wash the alcohol away.

Stage 7: Acceptance and Hope
Till next year!