Meet: Super Monkeh

It's a bird. It's a plane.

You must be blind.

This is Super Monkeh. And he sure ain't flying nowhere.

Hand stitched and carefully, lovingly put together from... a pair of socks. With his blue suit and red shorts and cape from someone's old t-shirts.

Chekkit! Hand-sewn details.

Impressed? Ah-hah! I bet many of you never guessed this girl had it in her to sew. Or, come to think of it, do anything domestic.

Actually, I kinda surprised myself at how mighty Super Monkeh turned out.

So what's next?

Maybe Wonder Wo-Monkeh.

Stay tuned!


Welcome to Pulau Yue-Li

Here in Pulau Yue-Li, the sun always shines.

(Except when it's night of course. D-uh.)

Ok, the sun shines
most of the time.

Maybe with the occasional thunderstorm. Cats and dogs type rain.

Lightning, if you're lucky.

But just like every thunderstorm, the sky here in Pulau Yue-Li is fresh, clean and blue after.

Like it has been freshly laundered.

Way cool sky.

Uh-huh. Welcome to Pulau Yue-Li.