Joy. And Hope.

My glass is usually half full.

But after reading about how Joy the dog was beaten till his jaw was broken beyond repair, any bit of fullness in my glass is now slowly leaking away down the monsoon drain.

Joy, after surgery. His jaw was beyond repair from the beating he received.

Joy was beaten continuously by a group of Indonesian workers, while they yelled "Haram" at it.

The poor dog's lower jaw was so badly injured that it had to be surgically removed, but his tongue was saved despite having lacerations and blood clots. Joy still manages a friendly wag at strangers, despite his injuries.

Injuries caused by ignorance.

Ignorance because dogs are not "haram" under the laws of Islam. I did a little research about this, and found some information at an Islamic scholar's website. Here are some of the key points he highlighted:

It is NOT haraam to own a dog, though it is not hygienic to keep a dog in the house.

It is NOT haraam to touch a dog or any other animal. If the saliva of a dog touches you or any part of your clothing, then it is required of you to wash the body part touched and the item of clothing touched by the dog’s mouth or snout.

It is haraam to keep a dog or any other animal on a short lead for long periods without food, water, and shelter. Dogs need exercise and are social creatures who form organized “family” structures in nature.

Traditionally, and through age-old customs (customs only - not Islamic law), dogs are seen as impure. Unfortunately, many Muslims have used this view to justify the abuse and neglect of dogs, even though cruelty contradicts the Qur'an's view that all animals form "communities like you."

So back to my glass. Slowly leaking whatever liquid to keep it half full. Till I saw this picture in today's New Straits Times.

It shows a stranger rescuing two dogs, stranded in the Johor floods.

There is Hope for dogs yet.



An Ode

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee warm or chilled

I love thee in can, or in bottle

For it matters not thine climate, nor thine vessel.

I love thee purely, for thine is a taste that transcends infinity

I love thee freely, mixed with single malt or with brandy

In my happiness and grief, giddiness and soberness.

I love thee with a passion put to use

The first sip brings calm

The rest puts a smile on my face

That cannot be wiped away.

With a childhood faith, I love thee with the breath, smiles, tears

Of all my life!

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2 Nights of Partying, 1 Observation

Yes, you read right. TWO nights of partying. Within 2 weekends. In a row.

A personal record for me. I usually stay away from these places because they’re too expensive, too far away, I’m too old. And I usually end up drinking far more than I should.

True enough, both nights left my wallet decidedly emptier. But I also picked up a rather interesting observation.

Night 1: Hen Night at Chyna Bar, Asian Heritage Row
Apparently, the place where the “beautiful people of KL” hang out. I must have greatly disturbed that exquisite balance when I went there that night.

We were really only there because we didn’t know we had to reserve a table at the other joints at the Row (bar side also must reserve ok?!).

Being a huge fan of People Watching, I unashamedly scrutinized the people around me. (Not that beautiful also?) As in most trendy bars, most of the girls were dressed to kill (each other, I can only presume). They stood all well groomed by their tables, with immaculate makeup, perfect hair, and in beautiful dresses. And that’s how most of them remained the whole night.

Or for as long as I observed in my sober state.

Night 2: Post Wedding Dinner Party at Hard Rock Café, KL
In all honesty, this place now looks like a popular hangout for SPGs. Lots of old gwai lohs, and other old men of miscellaneous types.

The girls? Mostly in jeans and casual tops. And all having the time of their lives. No “oh look at me” self-consciousness about them. No “are my false eyelashes still on?” look of fear on their faces. Nor any “can anyone see my Chloe bag under this dim light” type glances.

Good fun, great music and a comfortable crowd.

So if I were to go out partying again, where would I go? Definitely somewhere on Asian Heritage Row or some other pretentious place lah, of course. The guys there cuter.


Us with "Let's-Go-For-Claypot-Loh-Shee-Fan-Now" look on our faces.

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Meme! Me! Me! Episode 2

Tagged again by Wandernut, who seems to be the only blogger I know who does memes. Then again, I don't know a lot of other bloggers. Hmm.

This time, titled "5 Things To Eat Before I Die".

Let's see:

Siew yuk from Hong Kong. According to Wandernut, it's "best in the world".

Vietnamese beef noodles. From a real Vietnamese stall.

Songtham. A Thai green papaya salad dish that is really difficult to find here in Malaysia. And too much of a hassle to make.

Muar otak-otak fried kuay teow. Only because we didn't get to eat this the last time we were there.

(I guess I should include one gwailoh food on my list.)

Freshly baked wholemeal bagel. Freshly baked bagel is difficult enough to find here. Wholemeal?!

As you can see from my list, I'm definitely not in the same foodie league as Wandernut. So I tag anyone who reads this, even if you are or aren't a foodie.


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Case Proven: Dogs ARE Intelligent

Awhile back, I read a really funny story about a dog in Battersea Dogs Home in the UK. More than just a funny story, actually. Shows how intelligent dogs are. Here’s how the story goes:

The staff at Battersea Dogs Home were baffled when, for several mornings in a row, they arrived at work to find several dogs frolicking in the kitchen amongst upturned jars of dog biscuits and spilt food.

Determined to find the culprit, a video surveillance system was set up. The next morning, there was again the doggie chaos and havoc in the kitchen. And boy, did the staff get a surprise when they viewed the video from the surveillance.

The video showed a lone figure of a dog, Red the lurcher, sliding back the steel bolt of his cage, tugging open the cell-like door and slipping out.

Red in action, having games and a good time with his pals... and getting caught.

Even more astonishing was the sight of him then moving swiftly from kennel to kennel performing the same trick to free other dogs. And not just other dogs, but his choice of preferred canine companions for an illicit midnight feast. A yappy Jack Russell is left to linger in solitary confinement, for instance, while Red's brother, Lucky, is the first to be let out.

The canine Houdini himself.

After this incident was broadcasted on national news, Red received over 400 requests from new owners clamouring to give him a home. But the staff are scrutinizing the applications carefully to choose the best owner. Meanwhile, Red remains in Battersea Dogs Home. In a cell that is double locked behind him. Just in case.

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